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The Eco-Committee have been meeting regularly this half term. They have written a report all about what they have been up to.

“This half term we have been busy discussing a few things and even had people from WE to do a workshop with us, which brings us to our next topic. WE came to our school teaching us about how some people changed the world even at a young age. WE is a program where people can earn tickets to a show with lots of amazing people.

This half term we also developed our plans to improve our school in three main areas: litter, waste and energy. We estimated that it would take us two months to implement our litter pick up and to use the radio show to raise awareness of the choices we have made. We believe every classroom needs a general waste and recycling bin and we have already done an assembly about our ideas.

Now to the exciting bit, we are announcing….. a new ECO CLASS OF THE MONTH! This award will be given to the most eco friendly class every month; the prize is actually a small tree to put in the class.

Mrs Dhaliwal had a conversation with us and we talked about our action plan. We were excited to share our ideas.

We will have a litter and waste questionnaire to finish off. However, if we all want to go big, we have to start small!” - Gurtej and the Eco Committee