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Our World Vision

Our World is a subject that upholds inclusiveness enriched  with values that will enable our students to become role models and  inspirational individuals in the wider community. The following are concepts that we include in our learning environment for students to flourish in their self being:

  • Provoking challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self and  what is right and wrong
  •  Encouraging pupils to explore their own beliefs in the light of what they learn, as they examine issues of religious belief and faith and how these impact them and others
  • Enabling pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging, which helps them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society
  • Teaching pupils to develop respect for others, including people with different faiths and beliefs which then helps to challenge prejudice
  • Prompting pupils to consider their responsibilities to themselves and to others, and to explore how they might contribute to their communities and to wider society. This encourages empathy, generosity and compassion.

Our World Curriculum

The curriculum for Our World reflects inclusiveness, acceptance and tolerance in this diverse world. Pupils learn about the six main religions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Within lessons, the pupils explore these faiths for similarities and differences celebrating the cultural and religious diversity of each religion. They compare and contrast sacred texts, places of worship and teachings by spiritual leaders and other inspirational people who have had an impact on society. Our lessons enable students to discuss, debate and share their opinions and views about  various topics that we cover within the six religions.

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