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Following the Maths Parent Workshop last term, we would like to remind you about new Multiplication Tables Check. This is a national statutory test for all Year 4 pupils, starting in 2019/20 and NPS will be taking part in the pilot this academic year. 

With the rapid recall of times tables being essential for the foundation of pupils’ mathematical learning, it is also the National Curriculum expectation for pupils to know all their times tables fluently by the end of Year 4. The purpose of the Multiplication Tables Check is to determine whether pupils can recall their multiplication tables fluently (being able to answer times tables questions accurately and quickly, without having to work out the answers).

The Multiplication Tables Check will be carried out online, where each child will be required to answer 25 multiplication questions. The questions will be shown in any order and will cover all times tables up to 12 x 12. Pupils will be required to read the question and type in their answers within 6 seconds.

The aim of the check is to be a supportive tool for pupils who require additional support.  Please see the parent guide below for additional information.