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On Friday 27th September 2019 members of the GNSA Primary staff elected this year's Head Boy and Head Girl: Harman and Rashneet.

Here's what they had to say about the election process!

“When I was writing my speech for becoming Head Boy I was terrified because I hadn't said anything in front of the whole school before so I practiced again and again. After writing my speech I felt better but when I was in front of the whole of Year 6 my legs were trembling although my confidence began to grow. When it was time to present to the whole school I was nervous and petrified because I knew that everyone would stare at me when I was speaking so when I presented my speech I looked at the back wall. On Thursday 3rd October a teacher called me and told me I was Head Boy and I was over the moon!!! The first meeting will be about changing the awards to ensure everyone gets an award and make it fair. I am looking forward to my future responsibilities.”


“I was a little insecure about doing my Head Girl speech to the whole of Year 6    because I didn't think anyone would vote for me. While I made my way to the front everyone kept saying ‘Well done, you can do it, I’ll support you!’ Hearing all these comments filled me with happiness. As I said my speech my heart was pounding faster than a cheetah. Then the time came to say my speech to the whole school, I was nervous but built up my confidence and said my speech. I was happy that everything went well and people laughed at my jokes. In the Gurdwara, Mrs Tatla announced my name and I couldn’t believe my ears! I am looking forward to the meetings and making important decisions.”