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English Vision

At Nanaksar Primary School, we strive for each pupil to develop the skills necessary to write, read and speak fluently with a strong command for both the written and spoken language.

English Curriculum 

Over the year English is taught by covering a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry genres. Providing opportunities for pupils to enter imaginatively into the word of texts and re-live the stories. Our love for British authors pervades our curriculum through the writings of Shakespeare, Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl and Ted Hughes to name but a few. Reading is taught discretely through VIPERS skills. Writing is given a strong emphasis and is taught in a variety of ways so that pupils can develop the necessary skills needed for strong command of both the written and spoken language.


At the very beginning of the English unit when the new text is shared with the class, the written learning outcome is clearly shared with pupils. Pupils are told from the very start what is expected of them. All writing tasks are rooted in oral work. Hot-seating, conscience alley, freeze-framing are techniques are used to bring the text to life and develop a strong command for the spoken word. A lot of time is spent on reading, analysis, discussing, acting, reflecting and modelling in order to support composition.  We celebrate pupil’s exceptional writing with our attractive ‘Writing Wall Of Fame’ displays which set out to inspire the success and motivation of other pupils.


At Nanaksar Primary School, reading is taught through VIPERS reading skills; vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, retrieve and summarise. High level, age appropriate questioning is employed to ensure that pupils are understanding a range of texts and developing creative, inference and narrative skills. In addition it will allow them to improve their fluency and understand how to approach a text for more clarity and meaning. We expect every child to become a fluent reader by the time they have completed their primary education. Pupils are encouraged to read to teachers, peers and in whole school assemblies. Parents are encouraged to hear their pupils read each day.


We feel it is important for students to have pride in their written work.  Consistent cursive handwriting with correct formation of letters, correct size ascenders and descenders is expected for both homework and class work. At NPS we believe that it is important to take pride in our layout and presentation. We understand that some pupils find this more difficult than others and will offer additional support when necessary. In order to celebrate key handwriting skills a handwriting competition is held at the end of each term where examples of exceptional written work are submitted. When students meet the set criteria they will become eligible for a pen licence. Pupils are responsible for achieving a Pen Licence and therefore are expected to put the hard work in and practise in order to obtain it.

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