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Our curriculum intent has been given to us by our founder and is evident in the school vision and ethos. That intent is for those who pass through the MAT take on the understanding of service to others and go on to serve humanity. For them to be the next Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela Bhai Khanaya Ji so that they may treat their fellow humans with compassion.

We have a broad curriculum from Y1 to Y13 that supports the young people to achieve their dreams as they move into the wider world. We have a curriculum that is built so that there is continuity which will improve performance and help parents to have a better understanding.

We select what is to be studied in order to meet  those ambitions whilst also being humble and understanding their role in society. We are ambitious as a MAT that the young people who journey through should not be disadvantaged by what is on offer and strive to develop our offer so that all children regardless of background can achieve.

We look to provide a curriculum that is rich in the knowledge they need to succeed but not only focussed on the qualifications they are pursuing but also the skills they need once they go into Higher Education and work. There is to be greater collaboration between primary and secondary to reach these ends and provide a seamless transition through the school. 

Through the Sikh ethos we look to help them to understand themselves through their studies and be able flourish in whatever they choose to do whilst always remembering that what they do for themselves will benefit others. 




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