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Guru Nanak
Multi Academy Trust

Nanaksar in the news!

Free multi-faith primary school in Hayes welcomes Hindus. A report by Rani Singh from Asain Voice Newspaper.


The founder and Chair of Governors of the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji believes that education is a human right for children. He established 19 schools worldwide; including the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy based in Hayes. It was the UK's first Sikh Secondary school, and achieves grade One for every aspect of its OfSTED Inspection reports The Academy Trust is now establishing a four form entry Nanaksar Primary School in Springfield Road near the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The Principal of Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Mr Rajinder Singh Sandhu, will be the Principal Designate of the new school. Jenny Chadwick, Education Consultant for both schools, told us in an exclusive interview; “Babaji is the inspiration and people believe in Mr Sandhu to deliver. He attracts good quality staff.“

She said that in 2014 a headteacher will be appointed for the primary school.
“We want to keep the two schools closely together; they will share ethos, values and vision.“

The school will open in September 2013 with four reception classes of 30 children each, making a year group of 120. Each year an additional year of entry will be admitted until the school reaches its full complement in September 2019.
“Because we want the ethos and values of hard work, humility and service to others to start with young chil dren and grow up with them.“ The school has an admission number of 120 and will admit all children who apply. “But there will be one fundamental difference,“ Jenny Chadwick said. If oversubscribed, the school will allocate 60 places to Sikh children and 60 to those of other faiths or of no faith that live nearest the school. If the 60 places allocated to Sikh children are not taken up then more places would be allocated to those of other faiths or no faith. Hindus, Gujarati or otherwise, are very welcome. The aim is to build a strong school community based on the principles of honesty, hard work and service to others. It is expected that pupils put back into society the advantages they will gain from their high achievement in our school. Nanaksar Primary pupils will learn that humility and helping others is strength and that all religions should be respected.

Excellent teaching and learning will be achieved through following the National Curriculum with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Pupils will also engage with the International Primary Curriculum which teaches knowledge and understanding of the world. Jenny Chadwick told us; “We spend more time on literacy than other schools because it is the key to learning. By the time children get to SATS, they score well above the national average.“

All pupils, whether of a particular faith or none, will be equally valued and pro vided for. Weekly Religious Education (RE) lessons with a focus on faith and values will enable pupils to explore key world religions reflecting on similarities and differences. Assemblies will bring pupils together, for collective worship of a shared faith or multi faith festivals (Christmas, Diwali), or class assemblies, to share learning and achievements with parents and year groups. After school and lunch clubs will reflect wide interests eg Bhangra dancing, African drumming, Urdu, and Hindi. All aspects of Nanaksar School life, as with Guru Nanak Primary School, will promote an outward looking approach valuing the contribution of all pupils and the surrounding community. This, in part will be achieved by regularly taking part in video conferencing, making class visits out of school and inviting guests, parents, local community members and experts in to the school.
Jenny Chadwick told us that, for instance, Jewish children could be linked to their synagogues by video conferencing. “We would find Jewish schools for them to take part in daily prayers.
A same faith staff member, say a Catholic, could lead prayers for Catholics.“

The burgundy and gold uniform is deliberately designed with various combinations to allow lots of flexibility. The primary school is holding an open day for the public this Saturday December 1st.

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